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Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies | Cheap Car Insurance for Lady Drivers

Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies – Car insurance quotes for women used to be cheaper than the car insurance quotes were for men. Female drivers generally have fewer major accidents on the road and make fewer high-value claims, so they were automatically rewarded with lower premiums. In 2012, when a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling made it illegal for insurance companies to take gender into account when calculating premiums.

Statistically, Female drivers sometimes pay less for their premiums than men; the system of calculating insurance is fairer because it’s not based on gender but on other criteria that reflect drivers’ behavior. Though insurance companies don’t discriminate based on gender when setting premiums, they do take into account key factors that demonstrate an individual’s driving attitude – such as;

  • Vehicle Choice: A car’s speed, theft-safety or security, features, and value of the vehicle play a big part in how much it costs for the customer to insure the car. Furthermore, this means there’s likely to be cheaper car insurance for women who drive smaller, economical cars because they are less likely to be damaged or stolen.
  • Experience: Generally, the more experienced the driver, the less likely they are to have an accident. The statistics show that young drivers make the most claims because they tend to take risks driving and could be reckless, so when the ECJ ruling was passed, older and more experienced female drivers were mostly unaffected. Female drivers have fewer claims. That means a higher proportion of ladies will have a substantial No-Claims Bonus discount, reducing their insurance premiums even further.

The price of insurance is set according to concise data that reflects a driver’s behavior and characteristics. This approach to car insurance pricing for ladies means the price paid by the customer is more about the customer as an individual.

Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies

Types of Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies

There are three types of car insurance cover available. The one that’s right for the customer will depend on their personal circumstances;

  • Third-Party Cover: This is the most basic coverage required by law. It covers the vehicle owner or customer of the Insurance Company for any injury this customer cause to another person and any damage to their property.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft: This offers the same cover as third party, but the customer is also covered if their car is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance: This includes all the cover of a third party fire and theft policy, but will also protect the customer as a driver and payout for damage to the car.


It is advised that when choosing Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies, it is the responsibility of customers to read each policy carefully to ensure the one that offers the right cover for the customer is selected. Finally, don’t assume that a particular cover is always the cheapest.

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