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Creating Facebook Fan Page | How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Business

Creating Facebook Fan Page – Since the beginning of Facebook, it has tried its best to associate with people as much as it can, by helping them interact with their likes and dislikes, making friends online and with the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.

It’s a step easier because users with the same interests would subscribe to the same fan pages which help them link up easily.

Facebook being one of the leading social media platforms helps people come together by allowing them to follow fan pages, which helps users become more better friends than they were before and allows for those that aren’t friend to become better friends online, basically the idea of fan pages was a good idea from Facebook.

Creating Facebook Fan Page

The Major Features of Creating Facebook Fan Page

Fans mostly create fan pages as a way to meet and know other fans supporting a celebrity or an important person, CREATING FACEBOOK FAN PAGE is very easy and because of the population of the users of Facebook it is perfect to create one because fan pages would get a lot of likes and follows because of the number of users on Facebook.


  • They make fans worldwide come together: CREATING FACEBOOK FAN PAGE makes fans worldwide come together because Facebook has more than 1 billion users worldwide. This allows for the fan page to become a platform to share experiences about their lives and gain new friends online.
  • It is easy to create and had publicity: CREATING FACEBOOK FAN PAGE is easy, because it’s straight forward to create and Facebook has large publicity, it shows people who already have interests in such things that a fan page is available to be joined if they want to and since they are mostly public almost anybody can join these pages.

The connection from CREATING FACEBOOK FAN PAGE is different from fan pages on other social media platforms because, on Facebook, it has a wider reach to people because of Facebook is a worldwide social media platform, and it also has the most registered users in the world about one billion-plus people use Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Fan Page

Creating pages on Facebook may seem complex, but it’s pretty easy and straightforward; users have a working internet connection or wifi and a device to access Facebook on creating pages and monitoring them becomes easy.

These are the steps on how to create a Facebook fan page

  • Open browser
  • Put in the search bar the website for Facebook login
  • On the login page use the full name instead of email and password
  • If the password has also been forgotten
  • After inserting full name, select forgot password
  • It then shows send code via SMS or phone call
  • If this has also been forgotten click on search by name
  • It then searches for account
  • Then helps you log on
  • After logging in
  • Click the “Menu” icon
  • Click Create Page. It’s in the drop-down menu.
  • Click Get Started under the “Community or Public Figure” heading. This option is on the far-right side of the page.
  • Enter a page name
  • Select the “Just for Fun” category
  • Click Continue
  • Upload a picture for your page
  • Upload a cover picture
  • Review the newly created page.

Creating pages are very easy; just follow the above step and create your very own fan page and start interacting with people with the same interests.

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