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Facebook Data Saver Settings | How to Turn off/on Data Saver on Facebook

Facebook Data Saver Settings – The Facebook data saver, was actually introduced for people or for users who couldn’t afford wifi connection, so the data savers setting basically allows for users to reduce the way their data is being consumed on the Facebook platform. The data setting isn’t hard to configure out, in-fact, very straightforward.

Setting up Facebook data saver actually helps users save data on their mobile devices because Facebook is actually set to autoplay on videos and most videos wouldn’t actually want to be seen so by setting up the data saver users can actually restrict what they want to watch, and if they want to watch it they just have to click on the specific video.

Facebook Data Saver Settings

Features of Facebook Data Saver Settings

The Facebook data saver settings help users save data when using the Facebook platform data that can be used to do other things on the mobile phone or system.

Furthermore, by enabling the data savers, they would be saved for users, and some users don’t like the data saver setting they prefer for the videos to play automatically.

These are the major features of Facebook data saver settings:

  • They are easy to set up: setting up the Facebook data saver settings are actually very easy, and they don’t require much stress, once users have a working internet connection and a working device to access the Facebook online platforms or mobile platforms on they can easily set up the data saver.
  • It can be turned on or off: depending on how you like your Facebook page to look data saver can be turned on or off Data Saver can be set to turn on only when you’re not using Wi-Fi. That way, even if you like autoplay videos, you can at least make sure Facebook only plays them when you are using Wi-Fi.

These features show clearly that the Facebook data saver can be turned on or off depending on the users’ preferences and can also be adjusted to suit the way the user has internet connection.

How to Use Facebook Data Saving

Using the Facebook data saving options is not compulsory in-fact majority of people who use wifi connection don’t actually care about the data saving. The people concerned with data saving are majorly the people who use mobile data on Facebook.

These are the steps to take when users want to turn in the Facebook data settings:

  • Open browser
  • login
  • Login to  Facebook account
  •  Also, for people without a Facebook account
  • Open a new account on Facebook
  • Put first-name then surname
  •  Put in your phone number
  •  Select on gender and  birthday date
  • Choose  new password
  • After registration of the Facebook account
  • Then, tap on the options on the right side of the screen
  • Tap on Data Saver, and you’ll get a toggle feature to turn Data Saver on and off.
  • If you turn Data Saver on, you’ll also have the option to automatically turn the feature off when you connect via Wi-Fi.

After following these steps users can now manage their data saving or data saver in the Facebook platform.

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