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How to Find My Facebook Email Address | Facebook Email Address Change

Facebook Email Address – It’s a normal thing for humans to forget things because our human memory has a limit that it can accommodate, so when people ask me HOW TO FIND MY FACEBOOK EMAIL ADDRESS.

I know it’s a normal occurrence because they are human being and we have a limited memory we cannot compare ourselves to machines.

Most people think it’s a complex thing to find their Fb email address when they can’t remember it, but it’s not.

It’s actually kind of straight forward most people even go ahead as opening new accounts when they lose their previous email address, without making valid searches on how the Facebook platform works anybody would think that account is lost.

How to Find My Facebook Email Address

Importance of the Facebook Email Address

The major features of the Facebook email address are;

  • It can be used to signup for Facebook: the email used to sign up for Fb can be said to be the identification number of the user on the Facebook platform which is why losing the email address is not advisable, always try to use one e-mail on all social media platforms to avoid mix up and forgetfulness of email .
  • It can be used to get support messages: Facebook sends support messages to the email used to register on the Facebook platform. So losing the email isn’t advisable and support emails can range from anything it can be the email that was used to register has issues, or the users’ account has been tried to hack so Facebook send support emails to the registered address.

Although most people don’t know the usefulness of the Facebook email address, they don’t know by the loss of email address a person can be hacked and lose his identity online, that’s why it’s better to keep email address safe.

How to Find My Facebook Email?

It’s a regular thing to hear, I have forgotten my passion, forgotten my user name, forgotten my email address because of this Facebook has set up an easy way to get email recovery, and this was is:

  • Open browser
  • Put in the search bar the website for Facebook login
  • On the login page use the full name instead of email and password
  • If the password has also been forgotten
  • After inserting full name, select forgot password
  • It then shows send code via SMS or phone call
  • If this has also been forgotten click on search by name
  • It then searches for account
  • Then helps you log on
  • After logging in
  • Click on setting  in the home page
  • Click on personal information in settings
  • The email address will appea there.

These are the very easy steps to recover lost emails on Facebook, just follow the above steps.

How to Do Facebook Email Change

For most people who forget their chosen email address, Fb has made an alternative for them to change the email which is very easy.

Also for people that have changed their email and want it to change it on Facebook can also use this method.

These are the steps for the email address change:

  • Open browser
  •   Put in the search bar the website for Facebook login
  • After logging in, tap in the top right of any Facebook page.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings.
  • In the Account Settings section, tap Personal Information > Email Address.
  • Tap Remove next to the email you’d like to remove.
  • You may be asked to re-enter your Facebook password. Enter your password and tap Remove Email to confirm.

This is the easy way to change Facebook email address online, this is advisable for people who have changed e-mail or are not more using an old email.

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