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Facebook Gameroom Update | Download Facebook Gameroom | Facebook Gameroom Install

Facebook Gameroom – Facebook is a fun place that offers varieties of features that makes the platform enjoyable for its vast user-base.

Facebook offers more than just features for chatting, posting or keeping up with news update; it provides a game-room where lots of games can be played.

As a game lover, there’s no place you’d rather be than on Facebook game-room. It is convenient-since you spend a lot of time on Facebook you can as well spend that time playing games with friends or alone.

Facebook game-room is definitely a fun place for game lovers or for those who wish to do more on the platform than just chat. So, you can play your favourite Facebook games right on Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Gameroom

What Is Facebook Gameroom?

Facebook game-room is a stand-alone app that allows users to play various Facebook games without having to log into the Facebook website. It was initially known as Arcade Games on Facebook.

However, now the app is independent of the Facebook app, which means you can enjoy playing Facebook games without the distractions of Facebook notifications and news feed.  

On Facebook Gameroom, you can have access to different genres of games and even continue games you have been playing on Facebook there.

You can simply select the genre of game you want through the games menu and have an amazing time playing your favorite game.

You can also have access to games that are similar to your favorite games through the recommendation list. Away from the distractions of the Facebook app, you can have an amazing time playing games on Facebook game-room.

How Do You Find and Install Facebook Gameroom

Facebook game-room doesn’t work on Android or IOS device; however, if you have a desktop (Windows 7 and above), you can easily download and install the game.

Facebook game-room is currently not working for Mac and Linux.

To find and install the app:

  • Open a computer running Windows 7 and above
  • Then go to Facebook game-room webpage and click DOWNLOAD GAMEROOM.
  • Follow the instructions to download the app and install it on your device.
  • You can now play all your Facebook games on the app. All your Facebook games will be automatically available on the app with your rewards and exact level you are on the game.


In summary, the app is free to download; however, some games on the platform may require you to spend some money to redeem yourself from a particular level and continue to play the game. Both web and native games are available on Facebook and users can get to play anyone they like.

There are varieties of games to play on the platform that you may find it hard to leave the app.

Facebook focuses on giving the user an exclusive and exceptional gaming experience on Facebook game-room.

Explore the app to find categories of games to play or use the search option to find games you want. And you can continue to have a fantastic time playing Facebook games.

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