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Facebook Group Privacy Settings | Facebook Groups Privacy

Facebook Group Privacy Settings – Privacy has become one of the most sort out things in the world people are seeking out for which is why Facebook being a global social media platform or network, values its users’ privacy very much. Facebook supports privacy by its users; it gives them the option to either have their accounts or group be Private or public.

With Facebook groups, privacy settings can remain exclusive and exist without the disturbance of the public. Privacy is very highly regarded in recent times, and Facebook has made sure that users that want to remain private from the public view. Setting up the Facebook privacy setting is very easy and straightforward.

Facebook Group Privacy Settings

Features of Facebook Group Privacy Settings

The Facebook privacy policy is very particular about privacy invasion; they are not accepting of privacy invasions, so they have set up.

Privacy policy to avoid invading the privacy of other users. This policy is set up in a way that users can choose to reveal their identity or keep it private from other users of the Facebook platform.

The major features of the Facebook group privacy settings are:

  • It is easy to set up: setting up Facebook group privacy settings is very easy and straightforward; it doesn’t require much stress and is very straightforward. And it protects the account from unnecessary invasion and invaders of people’s privacy.
  • It allows for maximum privacy: Facebook group privacy settings allow for maximum privacy of users’ privacy since it allows for groups to remain in private with our disturbances. It also allows for secret groups to exist without the disturbance of the public on them.

Privacy policies are taken very strictly on Facebook because of the number of users on the platform, so Facebook tries to keep private and secret accounts away from the public in doing so doesn’t allow for unwanted guests.

How to Set Up Facebook Privacy Policy

Setting up the privacy policy is very easy for a Facebook page, it’s not as complex as trying to set a private account or group on some other online platforms, but on Facebook, it’s straightforward and not complex at all.

These are the steps on How to set up Facebook privacy policy;

  • Open browser
  • login
  • Login into existing Facebook account
  • Or For people without a Facebook account
  • Click on sign up an account
  •  Insert  first name and surname
  • Insert  phone number
  • Select users  gender and  birthday date
  •  Then, select a new password
  • After  registration of the account
  • Tap on options
  • Then, tap more then, tap View Group Info.
  • Tap Edit Group Settings.
  • Below Privacy, tap Change Privacy.
  • Choose a new privacy setting, tap Continue, and then tap Confirm.

After the update of privacy settings for groups on Facebook, group admin can decide to keep the Groups private, or they can keep it secret, or they can leave it open for the public. So this would allow them to decide on which to use.

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