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Marketplace Facebook – Gone are those days Facebook used to be just a platform for chatting or connecting with friends; now, Facebook is a much more sophisticated platform.

A whole lot of features have been added to Facebook, and now even buying and selling can be conducted on the platform with ease. Well, it is totally awesome and convenient too!  Facebook marketplace is a suitable destination for doing buying & selling activities.

As a seller, you can list personal items or business products on the marketplace for people in your location to discover.

As a buyer, all you need to do is just visit the marketplace on the Facebook app and browse through categories to find listings of items you want to purchase. You can find whatever you are looking for by filtering results by location, categories, and price.

Marketplace Facebook

Three Important Features of Facebook Marketplace

With the marketplace feature rolled out to different users in different countries, individuals from different parts of the world can now conduct buying & selling right on their Facebook app.

Facebook marketplace is just like a friendlier crag-list which you can easily access through your Facebook app, and also list your items without having to spend a dime.

Both individual sellers and businesses can take advantage of this feature to reach their target audience and make a profit. Three essential features majorly make up the marketplace platform:

  • Feature to search marketplace

Discovering items to purchase on the Facebook marketplace is very easy. You can either choose to filter search results based on location, price, or category.

Facebook marketplace makes it easy for you to browse through items listed out by sellers in your community.  So you can either use the search bar to find items you want to purchase, or you can check the Categories section to find items.

The listings you see as a buyer are ranked according to their relevance. Through Facebook analysis and information from pages you have liked, or listings you have browsed Facebook ranks your listings.

  • Selling Your Stuff

The feature for selling your stuff on Facebook is simple and easy to use. You don’t have to go through any rigorous process of setting up a new account to identify you as a seller.

When all you need to do is go to the marketplace, click the sell something feature take photos of what you are selling, add descriptions, price, and publish your listings.

Then buyers can contact you through Facebook messenger to conclude the process of buying & selling.

  • Find marketplace near me

Finding listings of sellers in your location is one feature every user loves about the Facebook marketplace. You can find listings by filtering search results based on location, category, and price.

You can also search for listings through a map. When you find something you want to buy, the sellers’ approximate location will show.


In conclusion, most people spend quality amount of time on Facebook, which makes using the marketplace rather convenient since the feature is part of your Facebook app, and you can participate in buying & selling for free right on Facebook.

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