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How to Divide in Google Sheets | How to Divide Multiple Cells in Google Sheets

Divide in Google Sheets – Google sheet is now the number one spreadsheet tool choice for almost everyone. It is easy to use, easy to collaborate with, and has various other features that make it the go-to spreadsheet tool for most people.

Since you’ve chosen Google sheet as your number one choice, it’s important you learn how to carry out some functions in Google sheet. Pay close attention to this tutorial to learn how to divide in Google sheets.

Divide in Google Sheets

Divide Two Cells in Google Sheet 

There are various ways you can divide two numbers in Google sheets or numbers in two different cells.

You can try using the Divide function or the Divide operand to get this done.

  • Using The Divide Formula: The in-built Divide Function in the Google sheets allows you to divide two numbers or numbers that are in two cells. So, if you want to divide values in one cell with the value in another cell, then you have to follow these steps:
  • Launch your browser and head to Google sheet, then open a spreadsheet from there.
  • Click On an empty cell and type =Divide (<dividend>, <divisor<) into the cell or the formula entry field. Replace the <dividend< and <divisor< with the values you want to divide.

You have to bear in mind that the dividend is the number to divide, and the divisor is the number to divide by.

  • Or you can click an empty cell and enter your numerator value. The numerator value is the number at the top of the fraction.
  • Click another empty cell and enter your denominator value, which is the number below the fraction. You don’t have to bother about using integers; you can use decimal values.
  • Click another empty cell to enter your division formula. Then enter =num/den into the empty formula cell. The num represents numerator, while den represents your denominator.  
  • Then Insert the values or cell numbers into the formula.
  • Hit “Enter” Or “Return” On your keyboard, and the calculations will be done. Then you will be shown the results after the calculation has been done.

How to Divide Numbers Using the Divide Operand 

If you have more than two numbers you want to divide, this is just the method. The previous method only allows you to divide two numbers. You can use this method to reach the product of some numbers.

Just follow these steps to get it done:

  • Go to Google spreadsheet and click an empty cell and type =<dividend>/ <divisor> into the cell. Then replace the <dividend> and <divisor> with the numbers you want to divide.
  • After you input the numbers or cell numbers, just press the “Enter” key, and the result will be placed in the cell.

If you have more than one row where you want to apply this formula and get results, Google sheet has a feature that enables you to do so. This feature helps to fill in the rest of the cells with the formula and the results as well.

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