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How to See Followers on Facebook | Who Is Following Me on Facebook | How to See Who Is Following You on Facebook

How to See Followers on FacebookYour Facebook followers are part of your Facebook community, and they get to see your posts from time to time. You may not know that you have people who view your newsfeed as much as your friends.

Yes, some people may not decide to send you requests to become your friends but may choose to follow your Facebook account this way, they can see your posts.

So, now you are curious to know people who are actually following you on Facebook. However, you don’t know how to see your followers on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to see people who are following and also get to know if you have a mutual friend with them.

How to See Followers on Facebook

How to See Who Is Following You on Facebook Mobile

You can view your followers on your mobile device by following these steps:

  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile device
  • Click On the three horizontal lines (menu icon) located at the bottom right corner of your iPhone device and top-right corner of your Android device.
  • Then, click On your name to open your Facebook profile
  • Click On the “About” tab to open information about your profile on Facebook.
  • Then click on the “Followed by…” option to get to see your Facebook followers. So, once you tap on this option, you can get to see a list of people following you.

How to See Followers on Facebook via Desktop

To view your followers on Facebook through a desktop browser you have to:

  • Log into your Facebook account through any browser of your choice
  • Click on your name and profile picture to go to your profile page.
  • Then click the “About” option  
  • Then click on the “Followers” tab under Friends, now you can view your Facebook followers. However, if you don’t see this option, then you will need to click the “More” tab under Friends. This will display a drop-down menu, and you can select the Followers option from there to see your followers.
  • If you don’t find a followers button, then you can go to Facebook Settings to check the “Who can follow me “option under the “Public Post” Settings. If you have selected the option “Friends,” this means only your friends can follow you.

Who Is Following Me on my Facebook page?

When people like your Facebook page, it automatically turns on the follow option, which means they get to your posts on your Facebook page if they don’t choose to turn it off.

Furthermore, your Facebook page has an option for users to follow your page and keep in touch with your posts, well if you decide to find out who is following your Facebook page, you can follow these steps to find out:

  • Go to your Facebook page and make sure you are on your page tab. Scroll the page to find the options in the right-hand sidebar. From here, you can see likes on your Facebook page, but to see your followers, you need to take other steps.
  • Go to the Settings tab on your page, then scroll down the page till you find the “People and Other Pages” option.
  • Toggle the menu to select “People who this page,” then you can see followers on your Facebook page.

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