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Facebook Marketplace Scams – The Facebook marketplace creates an opportunity for people to buy and sell to people in their community. So, you can sell your old chunks or even business products to people in your locations. Facebook marketplace just creates a platform for people to make profits off personal items or their products-an online … Read more

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Facebook Marketplace Categories – Over 80 million people all over the world use Facebook Marketplace to discover items in their locations. Ever since this feature was rolled, millions of people now visit Facebook to conduct buying and selling transactions with people in their places. Businesses and individual sellers have taken advantage of the platform to … Read more

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell on Facebook Free | Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace – As a brand interested in reaching your target audience, digital marketing is one aspect, you should really invest your time in. And Facebook is currently one of the largest platforms for digital marketing. When the Facebook marketplace initially started, it was simply a platform for the peer-to-peer marketplace; … Read more