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How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically Windows 10 | Disable Microsoft Teams from Opening Automatically

Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically Windows 10 – Microsoft Team app is a great app for team management and communication. Since Microsoft rolled out the app, it has served great purposes to team members. However, it’s really annoying that this app automatically starts whenever you boot windows.

And apps that automatically start whenever you boot your computer have a way of slowing down your computers and draining your battery really fast. Most people who don’t use this app frequently see this as a nuisance. If you don’t use this app all the time, you can simply disable the auto-start feature. Just pay close attention to find out ways to get this process done.

Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically Windows 10

First Method to Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically Windows 10

There are different ways to disable this app from auto-starting on your computer. You can disable this feature through the Windows Task Manager by following these steps:

  • Launch the Windows quick access menu by using the shortcuts Windows + X. Then, you can select the Task Manager.
  • Click On the “Start-Up “ Tab On the Task Manager  
  • Then right-Click On the “Microsoft Teams” And Select “Disable.” Or you can click on “Microsoft Teams” And Select the “Disable” button on the bottom right corner of the section.

Second Method to Prevent Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically

This is considered one of the easiest way to disable Microsoft Teams auto-startup feature right on the app. And you can follow these steps to get it done:

  • Right-Click on the Microsoft Teams icon on the taskbar’s system tray. Or you can click on the arrow-up on the status bar to reveal the taskbar if you don’t see it.  
  • Then select “Settings” from the menu. This should launch the Microsoft Teams app and automatically redirect you to the Settings page.
  • Once on the Settings page, uncheck the “Auto-start Application” option.

If you don’t find the Microsoft Teams app icon on your taskbar, you have nothing to worry about; just follow these steps:

  • Go to your PC’s homepage or Startup menu and launch the Microsoft Teams app.  
  • When the app opens, click the “Profile” icon at the top-right corner of the app.
  • Then select “Settings.”  
  • In the General Settings section on the Settings page, uncheck “Auto-start Application.”

And you are done! Now you have Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically Windows 10.

Third Method to Disable Microsoft Teams from Startup Windows 10

The first two methods should get the job done, but you can also try out this method. This method involves deleting auto-start files in the Windows Registry Editor, but you have to be careful not to mess with the wrong files.

So, pay close attention to the following steps and follow them keenly:

  • Use the Keyboard shortcuts Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Then type “Regedit” in the box and select “Ok” or press Enter. This should launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Paste the path you see into the Registry Editor’s address bar and press “Enter.” And Microsoft folder will be opened  
  • Simply right-click on the Microsoft Teams auto-Start Registry files.  
  • And finally, select “Delete.”

Then you can restart your computer, and Microsoft Team apps will no longer auto-start.

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