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Facebook Night Mode πŸŒ™ πŸŒ‘ | How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook | Dark Mode for Facebook

Facebook Night Mode – The dark mode option has now been rolled out on Facebook Messenger; however, it is not yet available on the Facebook app itself, which means you have to scroll through news feed using your normal light mode.

OS first initiated the dark mode option for apps, and ever since, the feature has started appearing on various apps. Now, Facebook has also joined other tech firms in introducing this feature to its users.

The dark mode feature has become quite popular since the OS started, this is because dark mode tones down the color and dims the light when it is night time and reduces straining of your eyes.

The Facebook Night Mode is what is trending now, you can enjoy the feature on your Facebook Messenger and through a browser, and however, it is not yet available on the Facebook app.

Facebook Night Mode

How to Enable Night Mode on Messenger

Dark mode feature can help you send and receive messages and enjoy other features on Messenger during night time without straining your eyes, the brightness of the app can be adjusted to suit the time of the day.

So, when it is night time, you can simply turn on the Facebook dark mode feature without bothering about the normal brightness of the app and without straining your eyes.

Enabling dark mode on messenger is very easy; just follow these steps:

  • Tap to open the app
  • Then, select your profile photo
  • Toggle the button next to the Dark mode option to enable dark mode.
  • Once you do this, the menu, chats, and backgrounds will automatically turn black. To undo the dark mode feature, just toggle the Dark mode button again.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook App

Since the dark mode feature has not been rolled out on the Facebook app, it is quite difficult to enable this feature; however, there is a way to enjoy this feature of your Facebook app still.

  • For Android users, you will have to download a third-party app to enable you to enjoy this feature on your Facebook app. One known app that helps to enable dark mode on the Facebook app is Maki. What you have to do is download and install the app, then log in your Facebook through the app. Once you have logged into your Facebook app, just go to the Settings option>General>Themes, then you can select the AMOLED theme from the list of themes. This will then enable you to enjoy the dark mode feature on your Facebook app.
  • For iPhone users, there’s no third-party app to enable dark mode features on your devices; however, you can do so on your phone. The dark mode is already available on iPhones to enable it just launch the Settings app >General> Accessibility>Display Accommodation. Then enter the invert color options and select Smart. Furthermore, this will enable you to enjoy the dark mode feature on your Facebook app and other apps on your device.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook on Desktop

Dark mode on Facebook through a web browser is one of the easiest and best ways to enjoy the dark mode feature.

To enable dark mode, you just have to get an extension that works with your browser, Night eye is compatible with lots of browsers, so you can click on your browser on Night eye website and install it. Once you select your language, the websites you visit will change to night mode.

You can also easily revert to the light mode by clicking the normal option and you also get to enjoy other filters and other types of light.

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