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Win Dump Files Windows 10 | Is it OK to Delete Win Dump Files?

Win Dump Files Windows 10 – System memory dump files can be useful as well as they can be a nuisance on your system. System memory dump files contain your RAM content in case of a crash. So, when your system experiences BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors, they can help to fix it. Windows save a copy of the system memory in dump files which is very useful for developers to fix BSOD system crashes.

However, dump files have a way of occupying large storage space on your system. They can waste a lot of hard drive space which makes them a nuisance to your system memory.

Should You Delete Dump Files?

Dump files are recreated every time there is a system crash, and these files keep accumulating your system’s memory space. Dump files keep accumulating system space which in turn affects your system performance.

Therefore, it is important you delete these files on a daily basis to clear up your system’s space. It is safe to delete these dump files since doing so does not affect your system’s use. However, dump files will still be recreated whenever there is a system crash. So, you have to keep deleting them to avoid them accumulating a large percentage of your system’s memory.

Win Dump Files Windows 10

How Do You Delete Dump Files?

Now, you know it is totally safe to delete Window System Dump Files you are probably eager to find out how to go about it. Some users have complained about being unable to delete dump files, just pay close attention to learn the necessary steps required.

  1. Delete Dump Files With Disk Clean-Up: To delete dump files with Window’s Disk cleanup, follow these steps:
    • Use Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to launch Run.
    • In Run’s Open text box enter “Cleanmgr”
    • Open Up Disk cleanup as administrator by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    • Then select the C: Drive on the drive selection window and click on the “Ok” button.
    • Then select “System Error Memory Dump Files” Checkbox.
  2. Delete Win Dump Files Windows 10 Via Extended Disk Cleanup Utility: If the normal Disk cleanup doesn’t help you delete dump files, then you should try using this method. To run this tool and delete Dump files via it just follow these steps:
    • Type “Command Prompt” in the dialogue box
    • Then Right Click on the best Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator” from the right menu.  
    • In the command Window Prompt, just copy and paste the following command: cmd.exe / c Cleanmgr / sageset: 65535 & Cleanmgr /sagerun:65535. Then hit Enter  
    • Then the cleanup settings window will pop up. Just select the files you want to delete, also include the “System Error Memory Dump Files”  and click “Ok.”
    • Now you can restart your computer to check if system error memory dump files have been deleted.


In summary, now that you have found out that it’s safe to delete Win Dump Files Windows 10 and you have learned ways to get it done, it shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. So, whenever Dump files start accumulating your system’s memory space, just follow the steps above to delete them.

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