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Facebook Marketplace Search – Facebook is now more than just a platform for posting photos or videos for friends to see and comment.  Facebook keeps updating its features from time to time to increase the popularity of the platform, to meet the various needs of its wide customer base and to help the platform reach its full potential.

Before the marketplace feature came into existence people post items for sale on their news feed or join buy and sell groups to do so.

However, Facebook decided to make it more convenient for users to buy & sell on the platform by developing the marketplace feature. Now over 800 million people all over the world use marketplace to discover items on sale in their locations.

Facebook has over 2 billion users which makes it just the right platform to meet your target audience.

And Facebook marketplace is that convenient place where you can post the listings of your items for buyers to discover.

Using the marketplace feature is easy and free for both buyers and sellers, and a lot of businesses have recorded successes from posting the products for sale on marketplace.

For individual sellers, you can find buyers for your used items quickly when you place them for sale on marketplace. So, you get to sell to people within your community and you don’t have to spend a dime posting items for sale on Facebook marketplace.

Discovering varieties of items on Facebook marketplace is very easy, you just have to use the search bar or check out the categories section. Browsing through Facebook marketplace enables you see different listings of items in your location.

Facebook Marketplace Search

Important Features of Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace features makes it convenient for you to use the platform, so you can easily post items for sale or discover items to purchase. The major features of the platform Include:

  • The sell something option which enables you post listings of your items and add necessary details for people in your location to discover.
  • The Categories Option that makes it easy for you to browse through listings and find the item you want to purchase. So you can navigate through the Categories option to find the items you want to purchase.
  • The search option which enables you find any item on sale on marketplace by simply typing on the search bar. So you can filter search results based on location, price or categories.

How to Facebook Marketplace Search

The search option enables you to find listings of items on Facebook marketplace and you can do so by:

  • Browsing through Categories to find items
  • Search for something specific by clicking “Search Marketplace” at the top left of Marketplace page. Then you can click the search icon to find the particular item you are in need of.
  • You can also use your current location to find items on sale in your location. You may see items outside of your location if what you are searching for does not match your location.
  • Finally, you can also filter the category you want by editing the location and distance from listings.

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