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WooCommerce WordPress – If you need to set up an online store for selling your business products, you will need to select an eCommerce platform for doing so. The WooCommerce platform is simply an eCommerce platform that has a WordPress plugin, so if you have a WordPress site, you can set up a WooCommerce platform to help you sell products and services.

WooCommerce has unique features that enable website owners sell their products and services, manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and do lots more when it comes to selling online.

WooCommerce has been around since 2011 and is considered one of the best eCommerce platforms for WordPress sites. WooCommerce is very simple for beginners to use, and also, you can start your professional online store with ease.

WooCommerce WordPress

What Makes WooCommerce the Best Platform for WordPress Sites?

WooCommerce is rated as the best e-commerce platform for WordPress sites for various reasons.

  • It is totally free and easy to download. Just like WordPress WooCommerce can be easily accessed and downloaded too. You can download WooCommerce from WordPress plugin directory which you can easily access through your website admin.
  • It is a good choice for beginners; you don’t need any code to set up your store because it is quite easy to do so with WooCommerce. It’s rather easy to set up your professional store from your WordPress website. Once WooCommerce is installed, it is rather easy to set up crucial aspects of your store due to the inbuilt Setup Wizard.
  • WooCommerce also has awesome features users can take advantage of. You can add unlimited images and products on your online store on WooCommerce. Furthermore, Web owners can sell any product all, ranging from physical, digital to affiliate marketing. WooCommerce makes it easy for web owners to add categories, tags, attributes to products, and other details to make it easy for customers to find.
  • It also has awesome features that enable users to add ratings and reviews of their brand right on the product page.
  • WooCommerce also has features like product sorting and filtering that enables customers to find products based on their popularity, newness, price, rating, and even attribute.
  • Web owners can even customize store location with language, currency, and measurement units.
  • You can even add products and checkout on any page you want.
  • Geo-location feature that automatically detects customers’ address to make shipping and tax calculations easy.
  • Enables web owners to manage orders and customers with ease.
  • Also, help you select the best method for payments: uses popular payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, Credit cards, cash delivery, and Bank transfer.
  • WooCommerce is highly flexible, and you can easily edit the plugin code easily, to make your online store behave the way you want it to.
  • Finally, WooCommerce is definitely the best eCommerce platform for selling products and services on your WordPress site. It is easy to use, well-designed to and has awesome features that make selling through your WordPress website rather easy.

How Do You Use WooCommerce

Now that you have known how beneficial this platform can be to you, well, you need to figure out how to get started with using the platform for selling through your WordPress site. There are basic things you need to start using WooCommerce.

First, enable you need to have a Hosting and a Domain name. It works with WordPress sites, so you need a WordPress powered website, A WooCommerce plugin, and A WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme. Once you have all these four things, then you are ready to get started with WooCommerce platform.

  • Hosting and Domain name

This is the first step to getting started with the WooCommerce platform. You need to host your website and give it a domain name to set up your WordPress website. Hosting your site means giving it a storage space online where all your websites data is stored.

Then give a domain name, which is how users can search and find your website on the internet. There are lots of hosting websites; you can choose one for both your website and your domain name and then add WordPress to your set up within few minutes. Just follow the processes of setting up a website and install WordPress.

Choose your WordPress login details and a web design. Once you have set up your WordPress, then you are ready to set up WooCommerce as well.

  • Installing the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

To add WooCommerce to your WordPress website simply head to plugins, then click Add New and choose WordPress.

Once you locate the WooCommerce plugin, click INSTALL NOW, and then ACTIVATE. This will take you to WooCommerce Setup Wizard. Once you are done with your setup, WooCommerce plugin will be added to your website menu, including other features.

  • Selecting a WooCommerce Theme

Now you need to choose a WooCommerce theme compatible with that of WordPress theme. This will determine what your website will look like.

You need to select a WooCommerce themes for WordPress that can accommodate WooCommerce unique features. Also, you need to take things like Product display pages, Checkout process, Storefronts showcasing your Products, into consideration when selecting a theme for your WooCommerce.

Select themes that will be compatible with your customers’ devices, and that will also give your site a professional outlook. You need to look out for things like product purchasing, adding items to cart and payment processes too.

Using WooCommerce

Once you have set up your WooCommerce platform, then you are ready to start selling through the platform.

  • Add products to your store by simply locating the PRODUCTS option and clicking on ADD NEW; you can then add products to your store from here. Add all the useful product information before clicking Publish.
  • Add payment gateways; you will need to add your payment details to enable customers to make payments to you with ease. Simply go to WooCommerce Settings then click Checkout. Then you can easily add a payment platform like Stripe or PayPal, whichever one you prefer, then sign up with the platform and connect your accounts to WooCommerce. You can start receiving payments for sale once your payment gateway is all set up. Furthermore, you can add other features to your WooCommerce platforms such as inventory, accounting, marketing, shipping arrangement and lots more. WooCommerce is extensible, so you can add features to make your taste to your taste.


In summary, it’s quite easy to set up your professional online store with WooCommerce and start selling products & services easily too. Just try it out to see how awesome it is by following the steps we have shown you.

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